July 14th, 2015 by Kathleen Whitson

I know, I know . . You’re all wondering where has she been? What has she been doing? It was not my intention to wait so long to post, but hey, it’s summer and a pooch gets busy . . . I have been chasing birds and bunnies, swatting at flies and bugs, napping, running, playing, eating and most importantly finding ways to escape the yard so I can see what other cool things are happening and have an adventure.

I know that my humans are just trying to keep me safe, but there are always so many things that I want to see and coincidentally they are always just right beyond my imposed limits. I mean, come on! It’s like the deer; I have seen them in the yard, but as soon as I get close, they just bounce over the fence. Sometimes I wish that I had legs like that. No such luck for this beautiful pug. That means I am left finding creative was to leave the yard like following daddy out and then ever so quietly slipping away from his notice, or maybe that tree branch that fell in the last storm has caused a break in the fence (it can’t hurt to at least look). What about that new hole in the ground? Can I make it big enough to fit in and then tunnel under the fence? I say, worth a try. Whatever angle you are working on to get out of the yard, you have to move fast because our humans are smart and the window of opportunity is small.

I know for instance that after daddy lets me and my brothers and sisters out to potty, he is supposed to do what my mommy calls a head count. I have had success several times, by taking advantage of daddy’s distraction due to the chaos of bringing us in during the rain. Sure, it is not my favorite, but this is a time when I can usually escape and THEN find a dry place to wait out the weather. All the while, my disappearance goes unnoticed for at least the time that it takes to dry 60 paws!

I’m not trying to run away from home, come on, I know who feeds me, but I sure like the adventure! I’ll admit that there have been a couple of times when I have been really scared when I was out of the yard. Once I got turned around and it took me days to find my way home, I was really hungry, cold and tired. I didn’t go exploring again for a long time afterwards. I have heard other scary stories like being hit by a car, attacked by a wild animal or picked up by a stranger, but so far I have been really lucky.

Just remember, if you are itching for adventure, you have to be sneaky – darting out the front door when your mom answers the doorbell ain’t it – she knows you’re making a run for it! Pay close attention to lapses in the perimeter: unlatched gates, loose pickets, unsecured chain-link, holes, broken posts. These are your “Sure Things”. Humans, if you’re reading this please disregard. Don’t go looking for any of these lapses; I’m only kidding, we animals are never looking for adventure. You could take us on more walks or trips to the park (even if its rainy, we love it), boat rides; hiking would be great . . it just might be enough adventure to keep us from seeking adventure on our own.

Just some thoughts to ponder.

Below are some pics of some great friends who are experiencing adventure with their humans!

Bark atcha later, peeps


Berkley's boating adventure

Berkley’s Boating Adventure

Charming Adventure

Charming and his boy seek adventure after a rainstorm

The TCVM Journey Continues

June 15th, 2015 by Kathleen Whitson

Hi guys, Kingston here again. Sorry for leaving you hangin’ last week, but my paws were really tired from all that typing. I also know how distracted we pets can be and I didn’t want you to miss anything. This weeks’ post is sooo cool you need to keep all your attention focused on me, me, me. .

We left off last week having only ID’d the first piece of the 3-piece Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medical (TCVM) puzzle, here we go with pieces 2 and 3.

The second piece of the puzzle has been herbal therapy – mom says this is the big one. It took a little time for these new medicines to begin working, mom says that they needed to build up in my system, but now that they are working . . . I can see a huge difference. The new medicines are sprinkled over my food each morning and I LOOOVE the taste and lick my bowl clean. My mommy says that the herbals help our system to achieve balance and begin to right the things that are going wrong. This is why they take longer to work – they are healing from the inside out and truly correcting problems not just treating the surface issues.

The third treatment I have been getting is acupuncture. Now I know that Venie has been telling you all about the regular dry needling technique, so I won’t bore you with a repeat, but I will reiterate that while the herbals take some time, the acupuncture is immediate and feels amazing. I love it. Now mom wants to try a new technique on me – Electrical Acupuncture.

Mom says that the good feelings I get with dry needle acupuncture will actually increase if she attaches little electrodes to those needles while they are in me! I barked “You’re gonna electrocute me?!?!?” She chuckled and said “kinda . . .” Well, my mom has NEVER steered me wrong and I always try to please her (though I fail often . . . those stuffies needed to be shredded . . ). So, I woofed, ”I will give it a try”. I love regular acupuncture, so how bad could it be, right?

Best. Experience. Of. My. Life. I think Venie would say OMG; I LOOOVED it; Every second. Here is how it went: Mom brought me to the acupuncture bed, I lay down. She stimulated my calming acupoint so I could get comfortable. Then she proceeded to place my needles. Seems like there were hardly any placed if you ask me! Then she hooked up these small electrical wires (I only knew what they were because I have chewed on a fair amount of electrical equipment . . sorry dad ), and turned on a machine that sent little pulses to the acupoints.

Here is what happened: I could feel it go into the first point and then travel through my body to other points, some that didn’t even have needles! It was incredible! I mean, wow. The best part? My pain has been really controlled, even when I am out playing with my brothers and sisters. Usually after about 2-3 weeks’ time, I start to feel like a need another treatment . . . Not this time. I’ll let you know how much longer it lasts, when the effects begin to wear off. I have a friend, Diesel, who let me use this picture of him getting Electrical Acupuncture. Usually Diesel is nervous about any treatment, even regular acupuncture.

IMG_2270    Does he look nervous to you?

The dud just laid-down and took a nap while my mommy treated him. Awesome! I can’t wait to share with you guys some other time. Venie will be back soon and I am sure she will have lots of great stories from her “vacation” with daddy!

Bark-atcha later,


Kingston Chews on Food Therapy

June 1st, 2015 by Kathleen Whitson

Hey everybody, Venus here. Hope you are having a great week. I am going on vacation with my dad right now, so no time to blog . . My brother and best pal, Kingston has decided to try his paw at writing and I think we are all going to love what he has to bark about. . . see ya’ later.




Woof, woof, woof. Kingston here; I am soo excited to get this chance to share with you guys on Venie’s Blog. I know that Venus has been telling you about all the changes in mommy’s doctor office, but I just got a really cool new treatment and wanted to tell you all about it.

So, to begin with let me tell you that I am a pup that thinks that 90 miles an hour is SLOW. I’ve got things to do and stories to tell and stopping or slowing down is NOT an option. This said, my humans feel a little different about my behavior. I also have this paw thing that I have had since I was little. It caused me to be unable to straighten out my foreleg and causes me a lot of pain all the time, but especially when I overdo it. I have been on pain and inflammation medication for years and it works pretty well, but mom is excited to try some newly learned eastern treatments on me.

First let me tell you about the new food at our house. To begin with we are getting people food . . . can you believe it! I mean, we have been in trouble for years anytime we grabbed something off the counter. I know, manners, manners, but seriously, now mom and dad are giving it to us. It is terrific, yummy and get this, better for us. It turns out that many kibbles are full of ash, by-products, and other things that are not so good for us.  Kibble does contain the right amount of canine vitamins and minerals, so some is necessary. We are now eating this awesome food called Annamaet along with several people food meals a week. Annamaet AqualukAnnamaet ManitokLife is good! There are other choices of pet food that are tasty and good for you. There are Stella and Chewy’s, Purebites, and Verus canned selections, all of which have proteins and veggies we need, are grain free and “can you say yummy?!” Believe it or not, just changing my diet has helped me to feel better and have less pain, discomfort, restlessness and excitability.

I have so much more to tell you, but I wanted you to just get started with the food stuff. I will be back to barkatcha next week.

Peace out pups,


Fleas and Ticks are After Me

April 30th, 2015 by Kathleen Whitson

April 21, 2015


So, I was brainstorming the other day – in lay mans’ terms that means “napping”; Mom was away and we had spent the whole day running around, playing and barking with dad. I love mom, but it is soooo fun when it is just dad. He has this great machine that he rides around in the yard and he lets us chase him. I know that we are not supposed to chase cars, but this thing is not quite a car, so I guess it is okay . . .

Wow, I get sidetracked so easily. Anyway, I wanted to tell you about my dream, er, I mean brainstorm. In my dream, there was a snowman that I was jumping and barking around. All of the sudden, the snowman started chasing me. As we were running, the snowman turned into a gigantic flea – gross! So there I was, running around with this huge flea chasing me – it was so scary.


I don’t remember much else, but it got me thinking . . .  flea season is here. I know for your humans, this may not seem scary, but I am so thankful that MY mom and dad keep me protected all year long. You never know when those fleas are going to start hatching and chasing you and your furry friends. Fleas cause me to itch and feel very uncomfortable in my own skin, really nasty stuff. Do you want to have bugs sucking on you? . . . .  I didn’t think so. If, for some crazy reason, you stopped allowing mom and dad to put flea and tick protection on you over the winter, you need to send them into the office to get started again. You can thank your parents and give them the peace of mind of knowing that you and your furry siblings are not bringing those critters home to nest in their carpet, bedding and floorboards.

If you think that you may already have a problem, don’t wait. Bark and scratch yourself until mom and dad get the picture . . Make sure that they let Doc know that they need to treat the whole house; KGVC has premise sprays and specialized products to help get your household back on track. If remembering to give monthly preventatives is a problem for your mom and dad, have them ask about our 8 month option, the Seresto collar. You heard me, I said collar. This thing is the best; it protects against fleas and ticks and will not give you that weird, crawly-feeling that you get from other topicals. Do you like treats? Stupid question . .  You may, instead, want to consider the Nexgard monthly, chewable protection against fleas and ticks. I mean it, now is the time to get protected!

Peace out pups


My Turn at Ax-Puncture (Acupuncture)!

April 3rd, 2015 by Kathleen Whitson

venusApril 2, 2015

OMG you guys . . . . I just had my first ax puncture and it was awe – – – some! I mean to tell you, I was a little nervous at first, but once mom got started . . . even my pig-tail uncurled!

So here is what happened: mom put on some music and a yummy smelling candle and then lured me to her room with a treat (not that I needed to be “lured”, but don’t tell her that ‘cause I sure love a treat!) – I know, I know up to this point it seems kinda creepy and weird, but trust me it was fantastic. She had me laydown on my bed and then she sat down on the ground in front of me. Now, this is the point where I got a bit nervous, she picked up a sharp, pointy needle!!! Ugh oh, I thought, here is the ax puncture! Sure enough, she did put that needle in me, but it only pinched for a second and then, I was so relaxed that I couldn’t even keep my pig-tail curled. My brothers, who have been doing this for a coupla weeks, assured me that mom did put more needles in me; Get this, I didn’t even feel it when they went in. I can tell you that I knew when they were ready to come out – my body would start to get uncomfortable in that area and then mom would pull out the needle.

While I am not exactly sure what ax puncture is for, I can tell you this: I feel better! My skin which is always itchy does not itch. My beautiful, black fur is not falling out anymore and it is shiny and lustrous – I feel like a girl in a Pantene commercial. I feel awesome and that is just with one treatment! Mom did tell me that she read my last blog and wanted to let me know that it is called “acupuncture” – she repeated it to me multiple times . . . I hope she wasn’t expecting me to repeat after her . . . I know I can write, but speaking, come on mom!@#@ I don’t care what you call it, I can’t wait for the next time!

Bark-atcha later,


Ax-Puncture (Accupuncture)

February 27th, 2015 by Kathleen Whitson

February 27, 2015
What’s up, my peeps? Sorry that I haven’t been sharing my brilliant thoughts with you guys. It’s been cold here . . I’ve been napping . . . but I’m back now and ready share some really cool stuff!
My house has been kinda strange lately, my spazy brother Kingston has been relatively chill; weird, right? My mom keeps taking him into her room; she puts on strangely calming music and I can hear her croning to him through the door. I tried to ask some questions, you know my normal demanding self, “bark, bark, bark (what’s happening in there?)”, “yip, woof, yip yip wolf yip (why can’t I come in with you?)”, my dad immediately came to get me and took me back downstairs with him.
I talked to Kingston later and he said, “Venus, it is so great . . I feel awesome!” He couldn’t really tell me exactly what happened, but assured me that I was going to love it. My mom keeps telling me that it will be my turn soon, she is calling it Ax Puncture – I think that the name is really scary, but if Kingston likes it . . maybe I will too. Mom says that it will help my allergies to go away and my skin to feel better, and less itchy-scratchy. Now that sounds good – I am always really itchy once the trees and flowers start blooming. I will say this, I have already started to get the sprinkle treats that go with this Ax Puncture, and they are delicious. I overheard mom talking to dad about my Cheee – I’m not sure what it is, but it sounds positively yummy and I can’t wait to get more of it. I’ll keep you guys posted. I am sure that I do not have all the facts yet, but, anything that can calm down my brother and help with my skin has to be worth it, right? As soon as I know more, I’ll post to fill you guys in. Stay tuned, maybe even ask your own questions if you swing by the office for treats . . exciting stuff . . . exciting stuff.
Bark at ya soon

Healthy Pet Treats!

January 14th, 2015 by Kathleen Whitson

Treats!(tossing and turning) ugh no rawhide . . . mmm hmp mm . .  that corn meal by product is chasing me . . sigh umm . . . defeated by real meat . . . oh, who what . .

Sorry about that, everybody. I must have dozed off while I was trying to decide what to blog about this week. This is it; my nightmare has decided it for me . . scary treats. Do you know that many of the treats out there are not good for me? I’m not just talkin’ fatty, full of calories and yummy; I mean really unhealthy, can lead to obstruction, dangerous to my health, bad. Treats that are mass produced tend to be full of meals and meats from strange countries that my beautiful, little, body has a hard time digesting and there is almost no nutritional content. Now, don’t get me wrong, they are tasty going down, but sometimes I get a tummy ache afterwards and I feel kinda fat and bloated – your humans know what I’m talking about; I feel like they look after they eat that package of Oreos. Lucky for me, my mom buy treats for me and my brothers and sisters that are much yummier, nutritious and don’t make me feel bad at all. She stocks enough at her work that you can get some, too! These treats are made with real meats and veggies and are so “safe” that even my human cousins like to snack on them when feeding them to my furry cousins Cole, Lick and the Fairy Tail Friends.

I know that it is January and we regularly hear our parents say “NO” to any extras this month, but let your humans know that there are always coupons for Hills/SD and Purina foods on their websites.

Psssst: if they are spending less on your food they might be willing to buy you some treats like yummy Purebites, tasty Three Dog Bakery cookies or small, but mighty Sammy Snacks!

All this talk about snacks is making me hungry . . I’m gonna go stare at my dad until he feeds me something ; )

Have a great week everybody!


Snow Play

January 7th, 2015 by Kathleen Whitson

Oooh, it’s time everybody! Snow season is here and I can’t wait to get lost in all that delicious white fluffiness! My brothers, sisters, and I could play outside for hours . . if only they would let us : ( something about being too cold out and having to come in and get warmed up. I wish we pooches could have some of that yummy smelling hot cocoa, oh well . .  I guess I will have to live with being the first one on the new bed! My sister Ruby thinks that the bed is hers, we are having so much fun keeping her off it – na na na na na na. It is a race every day and especially after snow time! Mom gets really upset when we come bounding in the house without using our manners, she says that if we track snow through the house one more time, she is gonna leave us outside! I know that she is lying, but we need to try to do better.

This morning I Scooby-doo’ed all the way across the hardwood floors because I had a piece of ice coating my front paws – it could have been really ugly . . lucky for me a soft, squishy bed broke my fall; I have friends who have not been so lucky, a torn ACL, a twisted/wrenched back for one of my weiner friends . . Sometimes will all the excitement we forget to be careful. That could cut my scheduled winter ice skating and down-hill skiing tournaments short!

It’s the beginning of a very long, cold season here in PA and I want to make sure that I am in peak shape. I need to stay off frozen lakes and slick surfaces, be careful on days when the fluffy stuff is melting and be mindful of how long I am outside – It is so easy to be playing and whooping it up and lose track of how long my exposed paws have been crunching in the ice and snow. I have some rescue buddies that say they had been left out so long (before being rescued) that their paws were bleeding and they had signs of frostbite! That is not for me, no way!

One last thought, pooches, don’t forget to drink when you are outside playing. I know that when it is cold out, we sometimes forget, but we need to replenish all that water that we lose during play. If mom or dad doesn’t put out enough water in the winter, or it is frozen over, eat the snow (But not the yellow snow!)

Happy snow play to you and yours,


Happy New Year!

January 1st, 2015 by beyond

Yip yip y’all, Venus here, just wanted to wish you a very happy new year. I wanted to bark to you for a minute about the hilarious Christmas presents my brothers and sisters got. Of course there were great stuffies and chew toys, several of which Kingston has already destroyed : ( That is sometimes the life of a toy at our house. Treats . . . can I just tell you how stuffed my belly has been. Visions of Carob creams, Begals, Sammy Snacks and Pure Bites dance in my head . . I don’t even want anymore, but I am afraid of hurting mom or dad’s feelings if I don’t line up like the rest of the stooges. That’s’ right, I’m takin’ one for the team. . . .

Now back to the hilarity I mentioned at the beginning. You know what I’m talking about, winter coats and sweaters. Now on tiny pooches like me, this finery simply accents the beautiful dog underneath. However, the big dogs in my family look ridiculous! I know that they love the coats, they allow them to play outside in the snow for much longer than usual, but sweaters . . . come on mom, how embarrassing! You remember that scene in “A Christmas Story“, where Ralphie is forced to put on pink bunny P.J.’s ? Think of that and then multiply by a thousand when we realize that our lack of opposable thumbs means we have to keep it on until mom or dad takes it off . . o bother. On the high side they are snuggly and great for when all the spots in front of the fireplace are taken. Still, goofy . . To all you and yours, I hope that this new year is happy, healthy and pawsperous.

Yours in the New Year,


Merry Christmas!

December 23rd, 2014 by beyond

Ho Ho Ho Y’all, Venus here to wish you a Merry Christmas! Tis the season for trees, tinsel and lights. My boy Luke thinks that the lights are the best. He thinks that mom doesn’t know, but she is like Santa Paws . . . always watching. She knows that he’s been bad, but trying to be good. I keep telling him that he better be good for goodness sake. Maybe because this is his first Christmas, Santa will look the other way and keep him off the naughty list . . .

We are all so excited, there are so many presents under the tree and they smell delicious! C’mon we can totally smell the treats through that fun crinkly paper. The cats love the treats too, but they really like the sound that the crinkly paper makes. We all love helping mommy to wrap presents for our cousins, there are empty wrapping paper tubes to play tug with, ribbons to chase and bows to bat at. Dad is not so much fun he just dumps everything in one box – where is the crinkly fun in that?

Christmas is coming, Santa’s on his way. It’s now or never peeps, time to stop jumping in the tree, stop tugging at the lights and stop sneeking peeks at the presents (with your teeth). Leave out the Christmas treats and water, Santa Paws may need a snack, and don’t forget the reindeer . . for heavens sake, they need refueling too!

The Very Best to you and Yours,