Care at Kanyon’s Golden: We Take All the Time Your Pet Needs

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Your pets are a part of your family. Brand new, fuzzy, snuggly puppies, tiny kittens that sleep in your palm, rambunctious play times, snagged treats, curling up at your feet, bunny nuzzles. However you remember your precious family members . . . their paw prints have left an imprint on your heart.

We at Kanyon’s Golden Veterinary Care feel these prints as well. We know the ins and outs of your babies’ lives and have created the following pages to help memorialize them. This is a place for you to add photos, pet stories and memories and also to light a candle for those you have lost. Your pets are a part of our family as well and we would like their lives to be reflected in our pages as they have been in the hearts they have touched.