Meet Our Staff

Dr. Kristine Cyr

Kristine Cyr

Dr. Kristine Cyr has long admitted that she is a “life learner” when it comes to education. Her love of learning started as a young child and has led her to pursue any topic of interest. Her educational dreams were set in motion when she was 3, when she announced to her family that she was going to be a doctor. By the age of 13, her parents knew that there was no quitting time for her on the pediatric ward at the local hospital, especially if there were infant patients. She knew medicine was her calling and helping those in need, a passion. A determined pre-med student, she graduated early from Indiana University with a dual degree in chemistry and mathematics. During her undergraduate studies, she gained further medical experience with a highly respected OB/GYN group. She spent her free time on call with one of the partners, assisting with numerous newborn deliveries, as well as volunteering on the pediatric ward and in the ER. Medicine was her primary focus, but deciding amongst her love of many of the specialties: an impossible decision.

Out in Arizona, Dr. Cyr was determined to spend time in each of the primary disciplines to help narrow her decision prior to entering medical school. During this time, Kanyon, a HUGE golden retriever puppy with a gigantic blocky head, also came into her home and stole her heart. Within a few years, she began responsibly breeding and training golden retrievers, a breed that she fell in love with as a young girl. In 2001, while working for the chief of surgery at a renowned teaching hospital, she submitted her application for medical school with a goal of pursuing surgery. At this time, her second litter of goldens also arrived on scene and a cute boy puppy named Maximus changed her medical future one last time. Sputtering on some milk while nursing at 2 days of age, Maximus developed severe aspiration pneumonia. When he was denied access to lifesaving therapies, Dr. Cyr vowed that her fur babies deserved the medical therapies found in the preemie and pediatric units and wouldn’t stop until she got the help he needed. The survival of Maximus left her with a fierce desire to protect and aid those animals who needed a champion for their cause, making veterinary school her priority.

A graduate of the University of Tennessee, College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Cyr has dedicated her practice and style of medical care to Improving Lives, of her patients One at a Time. By focusing on each patient as a unique individual, she believes that she truly advocates for each animal’s health and wellbeing. With interests ranging from surgery, internal medicine, behavior, and more, she strives to go above and beyond for her patients and their owners. Her resolve to make a difference on the medical front combined with her desire to “rescue” all the unwanted, mistreated, and abused animals that need her, form the foundation for her golden rescue. Named after her first true love, Kanyon’s Gold Rescue continues to advocate for animals in need and to date has assisted hundreds of animals find their perfect forever families. Since the inception of Kanyon’s Golden Veterinary Care, Dr. Cyr has strived to provide the community with the kind of hands-on, information seeking, detailed medical care that she dreamed of finding for Maximus and her other fur babies all those years ago. 

Keith Cook

Keith Cook

Keith, a native of Arizona, is the youngest of four children. Growing up in the foothills of the Catalina Mountains in Arizona meant the desert and all it offers was his playground. This explains his passion for off-road motorcycle and ATV riding that is still present today. He is a graduate of Arizona State University with a degree in business marketing. He has continued his post-collegiate education at the University of Phoenix, where he has completed numerous courses toward his MBA.

Keith spent his early professional years working in a variety of professions that utilized his business knowledge and marketing skills. He served six years with the Navy Seabee Reserve Construction Battalion and later, while working as a realtor, focused this experience into construction renovation, a family obsession. He joined Dr. Cyr at Kanyon’s Golden Veterinary Care in 2009 and wears many hats for us. Acting as computer administrator, maintenance manager, construction engineer, and laser therapy technician keeps him hopping, but you will also see him assisting with animal restraint, acquiring patient histories, talking with clients at reception, and manning the phones. He is a truly valuable asset to our team. His love of animals and enthusiasm for providing our owners with key information for companion pets is clear to all. He offers kindness, compassion, and support to our clients and patients. He has been a key partner of Kanyon’s Gold Rescue for the last decade and gives most of his free time to the fur babies’, his and rescues, needs. In his free time, he loves listening to music, watching extreme sports, wake boarding, and boating. He is surrounded by a “kennel” of fur friends that love him to pieces.

Kathleen Whitson

Kathleen Whitson

Kathleen, the fifth of eight children, grew up in Northeast Indiana. She is a graduate from Indiana University with a degree in recreation therapy and extensive coursework related to hospital management. She spent several years working in the field as a therapist for a variety of clients, including adult males and young women residing in treatment facilities. Her experience as a therapist provided her with the tools necessary to work in veterinary medicine. She joined the Kanyon’s Golden Veterinary Care staff as Practice Manager in February 2008 and has contributed to the growth and development of this practice in ways too numerous to count. Her loyalty, patience, attention to detail, and commitment to the gold standard in veterinary medicine has further cemented her position in our practice. Her continued education over the years in hospital management has made her indispensable.


She is highly respected for her ability to listen to client concerns and communicate our mission statement. Her dedication to educating and counseling our clients and advocating for the medical needs of their fur babies is appreciated by many. During her high school years, Kathleen was the editor-in-chief of her school newspaper. She will be bringing this love to life at Kanyon’s in her newest responsibility as social media coordinator. Kathleen is the mother of four very active boys, two cats, four dogs, two turtles, and one fish. She has been married to Chad since 2000. When not working, Kathleen spends most of her time volunteering with Boy Scouts of America, working on home improvement projects, and chauffeuring her children to various events. In her free time, Kathleen enjoys reading, entertaining, swimming, baking, and carving custom cakes for her boys, friends, and family, as well as scrapbooking and crafting.