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Is there any bond that is stronger than that of a human and their dog? At Kanyon’s Golden Veterinary Care, we not only understand, but also work to foster, the special relationship between people and their companion animals. Dr. Kristine Cyr recommends annual wellness check-ups for every canine companion: new puppy to golden oldie.

From the moment you walk through the doors at Kanyon’s Golden Veterinary Care, our professional staff will work to provide you with quality information and medical knowledge to benefit your canine companion, in any life stage. Whether you have questions regarding specific health concerns, or general questions about oral care, parasite control, nutrition, or training, Kanyon’s Golden is here to help.

Unique Health Maintenance Plans

Dogs benefit from regular physical examinations to identify medical issues and improve quality of life. Yearly visits to Kanyon’s Golden help maintain the highest quality of life and health for your loyal friend. Preventative care exams provide the opportunity for early detection and treatment of any developing health or dental issues; while nutritional guidance provides the foundation for overall good health and immune system support.

Dr. Kristine Cyr creates a unique health maintenance plan to meet your dog’s needs based on age, breed, overall health, and environmental risks. Vaccinations and wellness are key to overall health, and assist us in preventing serious and contagious diseases in your companion animals. At Kanyon’s Gold, our professional staff works to tailor a specific vaccine protocol for your canine friend.


A common misconception among companion animal owners is that all vaccines are created equal. At Kanyon’s Golden, we want our clients to understand the facts when it comes to vaccines and the different formulations available, as well as the possible side effects for your pets. Our goal is to provide our patients with the safest, and most effective vaccines available.

Canine vaccine protocols for core diseases vary based on age, health concerns, family lifestyle, and risk of exposure. The number and type of vaccine needed to build long term immunity depends on the dog’s age and previous vaccine history. Puppies receive a series of these vaccines given over a period of weeks, while most adults receive a combination of annual & 3 year vaccines if properly vaccinated previously. Seniors are vaccinated based on individual needs. By administering the TF rabies vaccine to our canine patients, we minimize negative side effects and provide superior protection.

Canine Tests & Vaccines:


  Fecal Flotation—Identify harmful intestinal canine parasites
  Giardia Elisa—Identifies giardia; zoonotic to humans
  HW/Tick parasite panel—Blood test for Heartworm disease, E.canis, Anaplasmosis, Lyme Disease
  DA2PP+CvK—A vaccination combination for distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza, parvo, and coronavirus
  DA2P (bordetella, adenovirus, and parainfluenza combination
  Borrelia Burgdorferi vaccine—Lyme
  Leptospirosis vaccine
  TF Rabies vaccine

Canine Life Stages

At Kanyon’s Golden Veterinary Care, our professional staff takes time to discuss your dog’s life stage during regular wellness check-ups, and how this influences many factors. We explore the joys and challenges of these stages and advise you in the many ways to improve your pet’s quality of health and life.

The age at which your dog enters each life stage is influenced by many factors such as size, breed, genetics, and environmental exposures. Dr. Kristine Cyr is skilled in determining the life stage of your loyal companion and recommending appropriate medical therapies to enhance your canine’s quality of life and improve longevity.


Beyond Nutrition: Essential Canine Supplements

At every wellness visit, we weigh your dog and discuss appropriate diet and exercise regimes to address any concerns or changing needs. Our professional staff will also spend time discussing arthritis and how it affects your canine companion. Arthritis is a serious medical disease that tends to effect all canines in their lifespan, be they large or small.

At Kanyon’s Golden, we take the time to educate owners on the different supplements available and the positive effect they bring to any companion animal’s life. From joint supplementation to essential fatty acids for improved skin and coat, our goal is to improve your dog’s health.

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