Positive Behavior Modification Techniques for Problem Pets

Undesirable or dangerous behaviors can impact the relationship between pets and their human family members. Dr. Kristine Cyr of Kanyon’s Golden Veterinary Care works closely with the pet owner to develop and implement a positive behavior modification program.

How Behavior Modification Works

Modification of unwanted behavior takes time. Our positive approach to conditioning is intensive, detailed, and requires a substantial commitment on the part of the pet owner.

Actions that result in behavioral change include the following:

Dr. Cyr meets with each pet owner to develop a plan that addresses your specific concerns effectively and respectfully.

Behavior Modification

Pet Behaviors & Medication

While medications alone are not usually an effective solution, some behavior problems can be addressed more quickly when a specific medication is added to the treatment plan. For example, medication might help the patient to better endure loud noises such as thunder, but the fear is still present. Only positive conditioning will alleviate the fear your pet feels at every approaching storm. Behavior medications are simply another tool in addressing a pet’s problems and the resulting negative or dangerous behavior.

To discuss treatment for negative pet behaviors, contact our hospital to schedule an appointment.

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