Cancer Treatment for Pets: Surgery, Chemotherapy & Holistic Care

While the diagnosis of cancer in a dog or cat distresses many pet owners, modern veterinary medicine offers many options for healing and comfort. The professionals at Kanyon’s Golden Veterinary Care take a blended traditional and holistic approach to cancer treatment, from surgical and medical interventions to emotional support and hospice care. Together, we engage in an honest discussion of your pet’s prognosis and develop a plan that works for your unique family situation.

Pet Cancer Treatment

Medical Interventions for Pet Cancer

Today, pets diagnosed with cancer have a number of different treatment options available. Success in response to treatments may equal cure for the pet or simply a longer and better quality of life after initial diagnosis. Medical interventions for pet cancer fall into three basic categories:



Radiation Therapy

These treatment modalities, alone or in combination, often allow the patient to live on in comfort and otherwise good health.

In some cases, surgical procedures can completely eliminate the cancer with no further treatments. In others, chemotherapy might be successful at restoring the patient to improved health. It is important to note that most pets respond well to chemotherapy, without the miserable side effects experienced by human patients. Radiation is sometimes used to shrink a tumor in advance of surgery, or in combination with chemotherapy and surgery to eliminate aggressive cancer cells.

Complementary Cancer Treatments

Quality of life is our primary focus in pet cancer care. Kanyon’s Golden provides holistic medical treatment for our cancer patients, designed to promote healing, overall health, and wellbeing, while providing comfort with minimal side effects. This complementary approach to pet cancer offers an array of options including nutraceuticals, massage, Chinese herbal medicine, and nutritional support.

Pet Cancer Treatment

In very old pets or those with advanced disease, we may recommend palliative support and hospice services. A pain management plan is designed to maintain patient comfort and function with pet owner support, to keep your companion at home until the end. In addition, we offer housecall services and compassionate euthanasia for your beloved family member when the time comes.

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