Acupuncture and other Practices of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine Utilized at KGVC

Veterinary Acupuncture | Kanyon’s Golden Veterinary Care, Brodheadsville PA

Dr. Cyr and the staff at Kanyon’s Golden Veterinary Care are excited to introduce many eastern philosophies, treatments and therapies to our clients and patients. The combination of acupuncture, herbal treatments and nutrition are being used alongside more familiar, western medical practices to develop a more comprehensive treatment plan that focus’ on healing mind, body and spirit.

This integrative approach to medicine is especially effective in the treatment of chronic conditions as eastern treatments will help to keep a balance and harmony within the body and work towards healing and possibly curing an underlying condition that may only have been managed with western medications and treatments. The two philosophies, western and eastern, have often been thought to be exclusive when, in fact, when used in conjunction with each other, present the best possible healing potential for a chronic condition.


Nutrition is the foundation for good health. Through proper diet and feeding regimens we can help you to understand and harmonize years of imbalance.

Your pets’ dietary needs are dependent on the issues at work in Felix’s body. Foods are categorized into three main groups: Neutral, Hot/Warm, or Cool/Cold. Pets with different constitutions may require completely opposite feeding regimens, even though these animals may be the same breed, weight, or age.

What should you be feeding Felix?

This question can only be answered by mapping your pet during an examination. There is a questionnaire in the New Client Forms section of our website that can help you and Dr. Cyr determine Felix’s constitution and formulate a plan for proper feeding of your pet.

If you have already had a consultation with Dr. Cyr, she may have indicated that you need to follow a more specific feeding program based on an ongoing or underlying treatment condition. There are seven specific conditions that have an established food therapy module that is more involved than simply Hot, Cold or Neutral. The indications for these diets will be explained to you at your examination, but you may access a downloadable PDF for each condition here:

Blood Tonic, Drain Damp, Qi Tonic, Yang Tonic, Yin Tonic, Resolve Stagnation, Transform Phlegm

If you are unable to have your pet mapped in the near future, the best recommendation is to keep Felix on foods from the neutral category. You may download a Nutrition Therapy feeding chart.

A kibble only diet may leave nutritional deficiencies in you pal. It’s time to find out what food you can feed Felix from your plate!


Herbal Therapy is the second piece of this mind, body and spirit puzzle and can be used alone, but is significantly more rapid in its effectiveness when used in trinity with nutrition and acupuncture.

Herbal therapy is the ancient, Chinese, holistic practice of utilizing plants or a combination of plants to achieve a medicinal effect. It is important to remember that herbals are prescribed medications and, as such, need to be used as directed by your prescribing veterinarian. The use of herbals promotes harmony within your fur baby’s body and main organ systems and helps to achieve the desired balance of mind, body and spirit.

Herbals may be prescribed in conjunction with other medications and treatments, so, just as with pharmaceuticals it is important to watch for side effects and report all medications being given to avoid negative drug interactions. A telephone call to Dr. Cyr can help us to achieve the most effective treatment regimen and put Felix on the way to healing.

Acupuncture techniques

Veterinary Acupuncture | Kanyon’s Golden Veterinary Care, Brodheadsville PA

Dry Needling – using sterile needles of varying lengths and diameters to stimulate the acupoint and elicit an internal response. Treatment results may be immediate or occur over the course of several days and last for several weeks or be curative.

Aquapuncture – A practice that is similar to dry needling, but uses small TB syringes filled with either saline, vitamins, or other fluid. As the fluid dissipates into the acupoint over a much longer length of time, longer stimulation of the point occurs.

Moxa – Moxa refers to an herb stick that is used to stimulate the acupoint. This technique can be used in a home environment once you have been educated to the acupoints that need stimulated. The acu technique of moxa involves lighting a moxa stick and waving it over the acupoint. This technique is utilized for animals in need of a warming effect.

Electrical – Electrical stimulation of the acupoint may only be administered by an experienced veterinary acupuncture provider. This is the practice of attaching low frequency electrical conduits to needles in the acupoints. As the electrical stimulus flows between the connected acupoints, beta-endorphins are released along the channel between the points, the channel opens, and a more wide-spread effect is achieved.

The use of TCVM or Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine practices may be either short or long term dependent on the severity and duration of the condition. It takes time for the body to become, stable, balanced and realigned and the process cannot be rushed. Consistent monitoring is required to help your pet achieve this harmony without doing harm to another system. Though Dr. Cyr’s end-goal would be to achieve a healed or cured status, this is not possible for all conditions. The majority of owners will note improvement for their furry friend. Dr. Cyr and the staff at Kanyons Gold are certain that through these practice we can help you and your furry pal to achieve a better quality of life.

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