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Kanyon’s Golden Veterinary Care provides preventative teeth cleaning and dental care, necessary to maintain your pet’s oral health. As dental disease is one of the most common diseases affecting dogs and cats, the professionals at Kanyon’s Golden work to make prevention simple and more affordable for our patients.

Preventive Dental Care for Your Pet

Dr. Kristine Cyr knows bad breath is a sign: a problem is brewing in your pet’s mouth! A complete oral exam is the first step to addressing pet dental problems early, or even preventing them altogether. We include a complete oral assessment at every examination. If a dental problem is detected, we design an appropriate dental care plan to meet your pet’s specific needs.

Pet Dental Care

Dental disease does not remain in your pet’s mouth. It spreads through the blood stream and may affect the heart, liver, or kidneys. Proper routine dental care helps reduce the possibility of oral bacteria causing these additional health problems. Fortunately, this type of prevention is neither difficult nor expensive.

Dental Care Products & Services

Regular dental care not only prevents bad breath, but addresses problems such as gum disease, cracked or broken teeth, and systemic infections. Our full dental services include treatment for a variety of issues including:

Pet Dental Care

We take time to provide gentle dental care, with preventative cleanings to maintain your pet’s oral health. In addition, our complimentary holistic approach benefits patients with any stage of dental disease, especially those unable to undergo a comprehensive cleaning due to medical concerns.

Our holistic approach from traditional Chinese Medicine therapies and nutrition to tarter extraction, hand scaling and laser therapy in a cyclic pattern provide added benefits for all pets.

We also carry a wide variety of quality products to assist with home dental care, such as herbal sprays for tarter removal and prevention, dental treats and toys aimed at plaque reduction, pet flavored toothpaste, and specialty toothbrushes.

Please visit our online store or stop by the clinic to purchase or inquire about products such as Leba III Spray, Breath-a-licious bones, CET dental products, and Paragon Dental Chews.

Our dental care team is always happy to help your pet smile!

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Pet Dental Care