Kanyon’s Golden Holistic Pet Care Treats Mind, Body & Spirit

Kanyon’s Golden offers holistic pet care, treating the mind, body, and spirit of every patient for the ultimate in health and wellbeing. From pain management to dermatology, we combine conventional medical practices with alternative therapies and complementary services, all tailored to meet your pet’s needs and lifestyle.

Alternative Therapies Available

Reducing pain and enhancing recuperation from surgery, injury, or illness, alternative therapies complement medical treatment and offer minimal risk. Holistic therapies at Kanyon’s Golden include:

Holistic Medicine

Alternative medications and treatments are effective, safe, and economical. They may be used as the sole therapy or in conjunction with primary therapies in patients to enhance recovery in a variety of ways. Benefits include pain relief, improved mobility, accelerated healing, and relaxation.

They offer further treatment options to patients, beneficial to all but especially to those intolerant of traditional therapies, or those who have failed to achieve a specific desired outcome. In addition, patients with compromised immune systems or poor overall health may see significant results from inclusion of these modalities, most notably herbal therapies and nutritional support.

Laser Therapy Treats Many Conditions

The therapeutic laser provides a noninvasive, painless treatment option for a broad range of injuries, health problems, skin conditions, wounds, chronic illness, and pain. Laser therapy stimulates the body to heal from within, using photons of light. This light is absorbed by the injured cells, resulting in:

Kanyon’s patients enjoy this soothing therapy and initial results are often immediate.

Massage & Rehabilitation

Holistic Medicine

For injured patients, those recovering from orthopedic surgery, and pets suffering from chronic conditions, massage is used at Kanyon’s Golden Veterinary Care to:

  Stimulate circulation
  Decrease pain
  Strengthen muscle
  Increase flexibility
  Improve range of motion
  Decrease muscle spasms

Massage can be combined with heat or cold therapy to reduce inflammation, increase blood flow, and stimulate healing. Our therapeutic rehabilitation program addresses recovery through increased strength, comfort, mobility, and healing.

Learn about rehabilitation training and certification at the Canine Rehabilitation Institute and the UT Canine Rehabilitation Program.

Herbal & Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine offers alternatives to pharmaceutical veterinary medications through the use of herbals and Chinese food therapy. Herbal medicine is called phytotherapy, one of the oldest systems of medicine in the world. While modern drugs sometimes use parts of plants or synthetic compounds that mimic natural ones, herbal medicine uses the actual plant with minimal side effects.

From dental care to pain relief, herbal compounds are being used at Kanyon’s Golden to address many issues including:

  Kill bacteria, fungus, viruses, and parasites
  Disinfect wounds
  Detoxify the system
  Eliminate plaque and tarter
  Reduce inflammation
  Improve circulation
  Calm the patient

While herbal treatments and medicines are safe when used properly, they can be toxic to pets. Never attempt to use herbal treatments without consulting your Kanyon’s Golden veterinarian, Dr. Kristine Cyr.

Nutritional Therapy Supports Health & Recovery

Nutritional therapy enhances quality of life by providing immune system support for all pets, and especially those suffering with diseases and injuries. Here at Kanyon’s Golden Veterinary integrating multiple therapies available means better overall health for your companion animal. Health issues related to diet, including obesity, are addressed by nutrition. There are also numerous disease processes that respond significantly to dietary therapy alone. Vulnerable patients, such as puppies, kittens, seniors, and chronically ill pets, often require close nutritional monitoring for appropriate support and optimum improvement.

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