Kanyon’s Golden Veterinary Care Rivals Human Medicine!

When your pet is sick, you need a veterinarian who can diagnose the problem and begin treatment as soon as possible. The professionals at Kanyon’s Golden Veterinary Care face patient illness like solving a puzzle: extraordinary attention to detail in putting the pieces together. Our goal is to get your companion back to comfort and good health, quickly and effectively.

Internal Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary internal medicine covers a wide range of areas including cardiology, endocrinology, neurology, gastroenterology, dermatology, and oncology. Dr. Kristine Cyr is dedicated to providing the same high quality of care for your pets as you receive from the human medical system. In addition, our holistic approach allows us to combine conventional medicine with alternative therapies for the ultimate in veterinary care.

Diagnostics: Finding the Pieces of the Puzzle

Internal Medicine

When your pet is sick, diagnostics are the first step. At Kanyon’s Golden Veterinary Care, Dr. Kristine Cyr performs a complete physical examination, assessing overall condition and internal organ function to determine the nature of the your pet’s illness. Typical diagnostic testing includes a complete CBC with differential, full blood chemistry, electrolyte and blood gas assessment, as well as urinalysis with sediment and additional parasite screenings.

Skill in internal medicine is demonstrated when interpreting the results of these diagnostic tests, as most cases are not simply black-and-white. We are experienced in reading all the shades of gray, to discover the true source of your companion’s discomfort.

Kanyon’s Golden maintains a well-equipped lab and fully stocked pharmacy on site, for speedy and reliable results. This allows us to begin appropriate treatment immediately, putting your pet on the road to recovery as soon as possible.

Critical Care: When a Pet Needs Hospitalization

Some patients require hospitalization in order to better treat their illness. When your pet needs hospitalization, we’ve got you covered. Pets feel right at home with our knowledgeable, professional, and compassionate staff, one-on-one treatment, and pampered ICU care. We believe if our patients are sick enough to stay, so are we!

Contact our hospital whenever your pet is sick or injured.

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