Nutritional Support is the Key to Raising Healthy Pets

Pet nutrition

Nutrition is the foundation of good health. Kanyon’s Golden Veterinary Care puts an emphasis on high quality nutritional support for all pets. From nutraceuticals to premium or prescription foods, we focus on building and keeping a healthy animal.

“Let food be thy medicine.” ~ Hippocrates

Nutritional therapy enhances quality of life, providing immune system support for all pets, especially those challenged by diseases and injuries. There are many health issues that respond to diet, making nutrition a key aspect in managing some diseases. Dietary assessment and treatment plans are required to maintain stability for patients with medical problems such as kidney disease, intestinal issues, and diabetes mellitus. Vulnerable patients, such as puppies, kittens, seniors, and chronically ill pets, often require close nutritional monitoring for appropriate support and optimum improvement.

Dietary Supplements & Herbal Treatments

Our combined traditional and holistic approach to medicine focuses on both prevention and advanced treatments and therapies, relying heavily on a solid nutritional plan. Using an array of nutraceuticals, herbal treatments, and other dietary products provides health benefits that add to the overall wellness of a Kanyon’s Golden patient. These nutraceuticals, dietary supplements, or wellness products are prescribed by our veterinarian to address the specific needs of each patient.

Premium Food for Healthy Pets

Pet nutrition

The search for high quality pet food can be frustrating: read the labels and see the first ingredients listed are corn and meat by-product. The professionals of Kanyon’s Golden Veterinary Care are committed to all aspects of your pet’s health and well-being. We believe food products are just one more piece of the puzzle.

For our own pets, we accept only quality main ingredients like salmon, beef, duck, and lamb. Dr. Kristine Cyr has spent considerable time researching premium foods and treats, and endorses those products that meet the Kanyon’s Gold standard. Made in the USA or North America, most of these foods and treats are labeled as safe for human consumption and our patients confirm the “yummy factor” at every visit.

Come in today and ask to try a sample of one of our many “Made in the USA” treats.

Toxic Foods & Substances

Ingestion of toxic substances is a common emergency for pets. The professionals at Kanyon’s Gold want our clients to be aware that many human foods and drugs have serious consequences for pets, ranging from kidney disease and pancreatitis to increased heart rate or even death.

Certain foods like chocolate, grapes, and raisins are highly toxic. Foods high in cholesterol like sausage, bacon, and gravy have been linked to pancreatitis and GI issues. Even the “green” compost pile is a potential source of harm as it may contain toxins from decomposing foods or pesticides. If you suspect your pet may be suffering from exposure to toxins, please call Kanyon’s Golden immediately for an emergency appointment. In these cases, every second counts!

Pet nutrition

The following poison control numbers should be kept handy in your home:

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