Relief for Pet Pain from Kanyon’s Golden in Brodheadsville

Pain can cause pets to withdraw from regular activities, heal more slowly, develop depression, become aggressive, and even limit their lifespan. With modern veterinary techniques and medications, no pet should ever suffer needlessly. Kanyon’s Golden Veterinary Care offers holistic, comprehensive pain management including state of the art companion laser therapy, ES stimulation, and nutraceuticals.

Types of Pet Pain

Pets experience two distinctly different kinds of pain:

  1. Acute pain—Occurring from an injury, surgery, or illness. This pain is sudden and often severe. Usually temporary, acute pain generally disappears when the cause is identified and treated. Common sources for acute pain are trauma such as a broken leg, ingestion of a foreign body, sudden onset of illness or surgery.
  2. Chronic pain—Long lasting pain. This pain may be difficult to manage and is often a challenge to detect. Becoming more advanced over time, an animal may develop a tolerance that masks pain symptoms. Common sources of chronic pain are age-related conditions such as arthritis, and serious illnesses like cancer.

At Kanyon’s Golden, we address acute patient pain by creating a unique plan tailored to the patient that offers immediate relief while the cause is identified and addressed. For chronic pain, we implement a strategy that includes long term monitoring and regular assessment of pain management techniques. Your pet’s quality of life is our greatest priority.

Treating Pain with Companion Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is used by top veterinarians in the country to treat everything from superficial skin infections and gingivitis to debilitating arthritis and joint disease. The gold standard in veterinary care, companion laser light therapy takes mere minutes to administer with the effects lasting far beyond the initial treatment.

Pain Management

This soothing and comfortable therapy has even the most anxious of patients relaxing in no time. Delivering almost immediate health benefits, laser light therapy is especially cost effective as well.

Dr. Kristine Cyr has treated a wide variety of conditions with this cutting edge therapy and she is excited to share her knowledge of its successful outcomes with pet owners. If laser therapy may be beneficial in addressing your pet’s medical condition, we encourage you to contact Kanyon’s Golden today.

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More Online

Kanyon’s Golden clients are invited to learn more about pain and pain management therapies at our e-pet health portal system.