Keeping Brodheadsville & Pocono Pets Healthy in Every Stage of Life

At Kanyon’s Golden Veterinary Care our primary goal is to take the best possible care of your companion animals. As a veterinary practice committed to the gold standard of care, we offer our clients and patients a wide range of veterinary services and tools to help achieve this goal. Wellness is a philosophy of veterinary preventive and holistic care for the mind, body, and spirit of your pet. Our professional staff work with you to make certain your pet receives the necessary care for a healthy start, along with quality lifetime care that supports vigor, wellbeing, and the human-animal bond.

Regular Wellness Care…for Life

Raising a pet involves more than just love and attention. Pets require regular physical examinations for optimum health; a proper vaccine series to prevent serious diseases; fecal tests to identify intestinal parasites and necessary treatments; and proper nutrition and exercise for overall conditioning and strength.

Regular wellness exams are essential for preventing disease and early identification of developing concerns, especially as your pet ages.

Initial wellness care—For all pet babies, this means multiple trips to your veterinarian within the first several months of life. Building the immune system response through proper vaccinations, addressing training and behavior concerns, and assessing that appropriate growth and development are occurring in your young pet are key components of these first examinations.

Adult wellness care—After the first year, we recommend twice annual visits for healthy adult pets. This allows Dr. Kristine Cyr an opportunity to detect medical problems in the early stages often allowing for faster resolution. For our adult or senior patients with more complex medical issues frequent assessment allows for closer monitoring and adjustments in medical therapies often preventing emergency visits.

Vaccinations & Wellness

During the wellness exam, our professional staff will also advise you of breed or species specific medical concerns that might require additional testing. We highly recommend wellness bloodwork for all of our Kanyon’s Golden patients. Wellness blood work establishes baseline values for several organ systems in a healthy pet. These values serve as a reference point during a time of illness and are used by Dr. Kristine Cyr to more quickly identify a medical illness or dormant condition. At Kanyon’s Golden Veterinary Care, we offer state of the art veterinary diagnostics on site, to ensure accuracy and convenience.

Pet Vaccinations

Vaccinations are a key component to keeping your animal companion healthy throughout life. At Kanyon’s Golden, the professionals spend time learning about your pet’s environment and exposure to certain risks to help individualize a vaccination plan tailored to your pet.

Babies and young adolescents receive series vaccines in the first six months of life to train the immune system to recognize serious viruses. Our adult patients receive annual or multi-year vaccinations based on species, lifestyle, and general health. In many cases, the vaccine needs of your pet decline upon entry into the senior life stage. We discuss your pet’s specific needs at every wellness visit.

Parasite Prevention

Regular parasite testing and treatments when required are part of every wellness visit. Our team wants to inform you of potential risks so your pets avoid the complications that come with an infestation of internal or external parasites. Learning about the newest technologies and products available in preventative care treatments for Kanyon’s Golden patients is part of our commitment to comprehensive care. We carry a wide variety of styles and brands, and price them competitively. Give your pets the support they need to live a long, healthy life.

Guidance for Every Type of Pet

Choosing the right food, toys, housing, and behavior training, with plenty of cuddles and hugs are all essential to a happy pet and family. Learn more about caring for your beloved family pet:

Vaccinations & Wellness

For specific issues and concerns, contact us at Kanyon’s Golden Veterinary Care.