Relief from Itching: Skin Care for Dogs, Cats & Small Pets

Untreated skin problems can cause serious discomfort, and even pain, in pets. Kanyon’s Golden Veterinary Care addresses all dermatology issues with the latest in scientific information and intense attention to detail. Our focus is twofold: eliminating your pet’s suffering, while identifying the source of the problem so it can be prevented in the future.

Comprehensive Pet Skin Care

We understand that a sudden outbreak of skin inflammation, irritation, or rash means discomfort to your pet. Quality veterinary medicine is more than just treatment of the itchy skin infection. We determine the underlying cause to prevent future outbreaks.

Veterinary Dermatology

Our extensive dermatology service provides cytology, skin scrapes, skin cultures, blood testing for allergies, and advanced diagnostics to better assess your pet’s illness. Treatments may include topical or oral medications such as antihistamines, antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, or medicated baths, as well as holistic medicine such as nutrition, nutraceuticals, or laser therapy. Relief is always our primary goal, to prevent added irritation that leads to infections or skin damage.

Diagnosing Allergies in Pets

Our comprehensive allergy testing is designed to help you better understand the substances negatively affecting your pet. This test studies over 100+ different allergens that might be the source of your pet’s issues. These allergens can be inhaled, ingested, or contact irritants resulting in excessive itching and scratching, unusual bumps, red or flakey skin, swelling, or bleeding.

Very often, the first sign your pet is having an allergic reaction is excessive scratching, licking, biting, or rubbing at the skin. Taking a wait-and-see approach will only prolong your pet’s misery. Any pet with allergies requires prompt treatment to relieve the symptoms and promote healing, even before the allergen is identified.

If your pet has a food allergy, a specialty diet, often times prescription, is beneficial. Our nutritional approach includes premium foods that are made in North America and quality nutraceuticals such as essential fatty acids, to support skin health and promote healing.

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