Our Veterinary Diagnostics Improve Quality of Life for Pets

Veterinary Diagnostics

Identifying the source of a pet’s problem is critical to successful treatment at Kanyon’s Golden Veterinary Care. Our analytical skill and attention to detail is supported by advanced diagnostic technology, for the most accurate results available.

Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory

Our internal medicine department relies upon accurate diagnostics to implement prompt and proper treatment for sick patients. A primary component of diagnostic accuracy is our in-house laboratory.

Our patients, like their humans, benefit from routine wellness bloodwork and laboratory tests over the course of their lives. As pets age more rapidly than we do, this becomes more important as the years pass. Establishing baseline laboratory values in a healthy pet helps identify problems when illness occurs.

Common laboratory tests:

During the diagnostic process, laboratory tests help confirm the presence of illness and rule out specific diseases. In addition to the above baseline laboratory tests, there are illness specific diagnostic tests as well. Periodic lab tests during the treatment phase help us track the patient’s progress.

Prior to surgery, laboratory tests help determine any abnormalities which might increase the risk of complications in pets preparing for general anesthesia. Pre-surgical screening tests are required for all patients, from very young to senior pets.

Digital Radiology Imaging

Veterinary Diagnostics

X-rays are valuable and informative images that provide another piece of the puzzle when diagnosing injured or ill pets. Digital X-rays produce clear images of the internal organ structures, with the added benefit of multi-layer processing to enhance and clarify obscure abnormalities or illnesses. Using minimal doses of radiation, acquiring these images is fairly simple and harmless to your pet. As an added benefit, today’s digital radiographs allow for magnification, rotation, blending, and measurement to provide further details when your pet is in need. By offering our patients digital X-rays, we are providing exceptional diagnostic detail with the convenience of computer sharing and storage.

Ultrasound Imaging

Ultrasound diagnostic imaging is non-invasive and relatively painless. This technology uses sound waves to view the heart, liver, bladder, stomach, and other organ systems where possible growths and abnormalities may be lurking. From early pregnancy detection to kidney disease or bladder stones, ultrasound is being used here to improve the quality of life for our patients.

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