The Finest Care for Kittens & Cats from Kanyon’s Golden

At Kanyon’s Golden Veterinary Care, we understand the loving bond between a human and their animal companions. Dr. Kristine Cyr recommends annual well care examinations for every feline companion, through all the stages of life.

Our professional staff takes the time to educate and inform you, from the moment you bring home your kitten or adult cat and throughout the golden years. Whether you have questions regarding specific health issues, or general questions in regards to training, nutrition, or behaviors, Kanyon’s Golden is here to help.

Individualized Wellness Plans


Cats require yearly preventive care examinations to improve quality of life. Annual visits to Kanyon’s Golden help maintain the highest quality of life and health for your furry friend. Regular comprehensive physical examinations facilitate the early detection and treatment of any developing health problems, and excellent nutrition is the foundation for positive health and immune support.

Dr. Kristine Cyr works with her clients to create a disease prevention plan to meet each cat’s needs based on age, overall health, and the unique family environment. Vaccinations and wellness go hand in hand, recommended to prevent the most serious and contagious diseases. We believe the approach to prevention is unique for each companion animal and administer only necessary vaccines and treatments.


Kanyon’s Golden Veterinary Care uses only the safest, adjuvant free feline vaccines, which are designed to minimize the risk of vaccine related illness or disease, such as vaccine sarcomas, for feline patients. Vaccine protocols for core diseases vary based on age, health concerns, and risk of exposure to these potentially fatal viruses. Kittens receive a series of these vaccines over a period of weeks to build valuable immunity. Adult cats, if properly vaccinated as kittens, receive boosters annually and seniors receive boosters based on individual exposure concerns. Our top rated feline only rabies vaccine is an annual vaccine, safe for all ages.

Feline tests & vaccines:


Feline Life Stages

Your cat’s life stage will influence many factors during regular wellness visits at Kanyon’s Golden. Physical and behavioral changes occur as your kitty ages; needs such as exercise, nutrition, oral health, and preventive care change, as well. During each visit we explore the joys and challenges of these stages and instruct you in the many ways to enhance your pet’s quality of life.

The professionals at Kanyon’s Gold recommend comprehensive veterinary exams at least twice a year to help maintain good quality of life for your feline companion.

Nutritional Needs


Obesity is a serious problem that leads to feline heart disease, diabetes, hepatic lipidosis, and a variety of life-threatening conditions. Our focus on healthy weight and nutrition in your pet is designed to enhance quality of life and improve longevity. At every wellness visit, we weigh your cat and discuss appropriate diet and exercise regimes to address any concerns or changing needs.

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